Leading Professional Learning Communities


This two-day program is designed to help school leaders increase their knowledge and skills in developing professional learning communities. Participants will learn what professional learning communities are, why they are effective, and how to implement them. 

FORMAT: Two days

1. Participants will develop a common vocabulary and a consistent understanding of key PLC concepts.
2. Participants will have the ability to lead their schools in developing compelling reasons that the implementation of PLC concepts will benefit students and educators alike.
3. Participants will have the skills and resources to assess the current reality about PLC’s in their own schools and districts.
4. Participants will practice skills in the change process, such as developing consensus and working with conflict.
5. Participants will demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and desire to convince educators in their schools to take purposeful steps to develop their capacity to function as a PLC.
6. Participants will develop an action plan to implement PLCs in their schools.

Participants receive instruction and engage in guided practice in the following areas:
1. The participants will become familiar with key professional leaning community terminology and be able to assess their status and readiness in implementing professional learning community concepts.
2. Through related articles and case studies, participants will gain knowledge of best practice and resources to guide the implementation of professional learning communities and collaborative teaming.
3. Participants will utilize a shared vision building simulation to demonstrate one approach to creating capacity in a school staff for creating a shared vision.
4. During the workshop, participant will utilize the book “Learning by Doing” along with the accompanying CD. References will be made to “Leading Learning Communities” from NAESP and “Breaking Ranks” from NASSP. Additional books used will be “The Collaborative Administrator: Working Together as a Professional Learning Community”, “Revisiting Professional Learning Communities at Work”, and “Team to Teach: A facilitator’s Guide to Professional Learning Teams”.
5. In addition, participants will practice processes dealing with conflict and creating consensus.
6. Participants will develop an ongoing collaborative leadership network of critical friends, to support their ongoing efforts in implementing professional learning communities in their schools.

8:00 am – 5:00 pm each day

Bismarck - LEAD Center Office - 121 East Rosser Avenue - October 14-15, 2015

Registration Deadline: 
Registration Deadline for Effective Communications is September 30, 2015

$300 Registration Fee - Leading Professional Learnnig Communities
$50 Optional Graduate Credit Fee


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Register for Graduate Credit at the Workshop for One (1) Semester Hour.

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